Helen Doron oktató munkakörbe kollégákat keresünk angol nyelvből gyerekeknek

Első Angol Oktatási Kft.
Nettó 3 500 Ft - 5 000 Ft / óra
2020. 07. 23.

It’s time to make a career change! We want to offer you the opportunity in 2020 to take the next step to really make a difference in your future, as well as the future of the children in our community.
We are reaching out to you with a unique teaching career. Make the right decision to become part of a global network of respected Helen Doron English teachers.
Join us!

Teaching at Helen Doron English is more than a way to make a living, it’s WORK YOU CAN LOVE.

Are you looking for an inspiring career? TEACH. Wondering about whether becoming an English teacher is a good career choice? It really depends on you. Can you speak English fluently? Are you fond of children? Are you ready to invest time and energy in learning a teaching methodology? Are you creative, hard working, enthusiastic and a team player? If yes, please send your resume and cover letter by clicking the "Apply" button. Application deadline is: 10th of August

What we can offer:

  • International Teaching Community
  • Nice working conditions with supportive colleagues
  • Ready-made teaching material
  • Props to use
  • Continuous professional development
  • Generous wage

If you want more information, please look for our webpage:


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Foglalkoztatás jellege

  • Teljes munkaidő 8 óra
  • Részmunkaidő 6 óra
  • Részmunkaidő 4 óra

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  • Angol


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